Acne Treatment

A number of self-caring activities to be done at home to prevent pimples and to clear acne . Home remedies for acne may include:

  1. Washing the skin daily with a mild soap to remove excess oil and dirt
  2. Regularly shampooing the hair .
  3. We should not prick or squeeze pimples ,as it spreads the bacteria and excess oil.
  4. Avoid touching the face.
  5. Heavy makeup

If self-care activities do not help with your acne, there are a number of over-the- counter acne medications that may be helpful. Most of these medications contain ingredients that can kill bacteria or dry the skin.
These active ingredients include:
Benzoly peroxide: it is present in many of the acne creams and gels.It helps in drying out the existing pimples and prevents the development of new ones.
Sulpu r : It is the natural ingredient with distinctive smell and found in lotions, cleansers and masks.
Resorcinol : a less common ingredient that is to remove dead cells.
Salicylic acid: often contained in soaps acne washes.
Doctor prescription includes oral or topical antibiotics. These kill the bacteria that cause pimples.
Topical creams like retinoic acid or prescription of strength benzoyl peroxide are often stronger formulas of over-the-counter treatments. These work to dry out the skin and reduce oil production.
Women with hormonal acne may be treated with spironolactone.These :medications seek to regulate the hormones which results in the formation of acne.
Isotretinoin (Accutane) is a vitamin A-based medication that is used to treat certain cases of severe nodular acne. It has serious side effects, and is only used when all other treatments have failed.

Additional procedures to treat severe acne and prevent scarring. Many of these work by removing damaged skin.

  • photodynamic therapy: also known as laser treatment, uses light pulses to remove the top layer of skin
  • dermabrasion: removes the top layer of skin with a rotating brush
  • chemical peel: an aesthetician applies a chemical to the face which essentially burns the top layer of skin. That skin later gets peeled off to reveal less damaged skin underneath

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