Back Pain: Treatment Methods

Non-operative methods of treatment for Back Pain are available. Most cases of back pain can be managed with exercises that help to strengthen the muscles of the back. Very few cases will require operative treatment like surgery for slipped disc to release an entrapped nerve.

If the back pain is localized to an area, one needs to follow a rigid exercise regimen and with some precautions. But if the pain is radiating there is a need to visit a physical therapist. If, pain still doesn’t subside down, there might be some specific underlying cause which requires immediate medical attention.

Self-help includes staying active and perform all the daily activities normally and avoiding bed rest for extended periods as it might make low back pain much worse. Apply hot pack to the affected area if pain is chronic or cold packs if pain is acute.

Traction for Back Pain : This has been the mainstay of treatment for back pain in the past. Its principle is that it traction stretches tight spinal muscles that are in spasm and it widens the inter-vertebral foramen to relieve nerve root compression.

Traction is generally applied to the cervical (neck) region or to the lumbar region. Sometimes a mechanical weight is used that hangs by the pulley which is attached by ropes to a harness, with the patient being confined to the bed.
However the current thoughts have been this treatment method outdated.

Electrical Stimulation:

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) may help stop pain by blocking nerve signals from reaching your brain. A physical therapist places electrodes on the skin near the area of pain. TENS may relieve pain in the leg due to inflammation or compression of nerves in the back.
This treatment involves manipulation and massage of the spine and back muscles to relieve mild-to-moderate pain.

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