Chest Pain : Treatment

In some cases the treatment for chest pain begins even before the diagnosis because chest pain is treated as an emergency and there is simply no time to waste. If the doctor suspects angina, the patient is treated with the necessary medications even as the patient is waiting for the test results.

If the diagnosis reveals atherosclerotic plaques, smaller doses of aspirin and statins (lowers cholesterol) may be administered. Those with microvascular dysfunction are given angiotensin-converting inhibitors (ACE) and L – arginine. The latter is an amino acid that is administered to enhance blood flow in the arteries.

Studies have revealed that a testosterone boost will help to relieve angina in men.

If the chest pain is due to an injury to the chest wall or due to excessive strain such as coughing, then the patient can try taking acetaminophen or ibuprofen to relieve the tension in the affected area. Cold or hot compression and rest can also be tried.

If the chest pain is due to a flare up of an existing condition then the patient needs to follow the doctor’s prior instructions.

Drugs used to treat some of the common causes of the chest pain include.

Drugs as artery relaxents: Nitroglycerine –taken as a tablet placed under the tongue (sublingual tablet) .it relaxes heart arteries ,so that the blood can flw more easily through the narrowed spaces.

Antacids:it the chest pain is caused due to stomach acid splashing up your oesophagus,then these medications reduce the amount of acid in the stomach.

If a person posses panic attacks then the doctor may prescribe anti –anxiety drugs,these drugs control the symtoms.



Chest pain is caused due to the blockage in an artery,doctors they insert narrow tubing into a large blood vessel in the groin and thread it up to the blockage. Then they insert a ballon to reopen the many cases asmall wire mesh tube (stent) is inserted to keep the artery open.


In this procedure surgeons take a blood vessel from any otherpart of the body and it is used to create an alternative route for flow of the blood is created around the blocked artery.


It is an emergency surgery in case of aortic dissection –it is a lifethreating condition which results in the rupture of the artery that carries blood from the heart to the rest of the body

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