Drink UHT Milk For Food Health

Milk is always an essential component in the daily diets of children, but it is also good for grown-ups and the elderly as it contains high amounts of calcium and proteins as well as essential minerals like phosphorous and magnesium.

It is advisable to consume Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) treated milk packaged in cartons. When milk is processed using UHT technology, it is heated at a very high temperature (135-150 degrees C) in a closed system for a few seconds and then force-cooled to room temperature.

This process removes all micro-organisms from the milk. At the same time, it retains the nutrients and flavour of the milk as the heating period is brief. An added advantage of UHT milk in cartons is that it is easy to store without the need for refrigeration. Moreover, UHT milk does not need to be boiled and can be consumed straight out of the cartons.

Though children get sufficient doses of milk every day, even adolescents, young people and adults should also drink at least one glass of milk everyday.

The elderly and senior citizens should consume at least two glasses of milk, once with breakfast and then again with dinner.

A few common diseases and ailments affecting elders include osteoporosis, constipation and dehydration which can be combated by consuming milk regularly.

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