Eat Carbohydrates To Give Fuel to Muscles

It is necessary to feed our muscles when we are on a weight loss plan to get lean. But we must eat sufficient carbohydrate foods which give our muscles good fuel::

Here are some of the best Carbohydrate foods:

  1. Legumes: Labeled as a “Powerhouse Food”, legumes are a powerful energy food with vitamins and minerals along with an almost equal proportion of quality protein included in the list of meat alternatives. Eat these the night before a morning work out at dinner, or eat some everyday!
  2. Oatmeal: It is a great source of a long lasting stick to the ribs energy food, full of vitamins and minerals with heart health benefits (not just a slogan, but scientifically proven).Eat some oatmeal 2-3 hours before a workout.
  3. Yogurt: Loaded with nutrients such as high quality bone building calcium, protein, B vitamins and the healthy immune boosting bacteria that line our gastrointestinal tract. A great food, snack or snack topping, it’s portable and easy to find. Eat 1 hour before a workout as a snack to give energy especially when the last meal was a few hours ago.
  4. Banana: The banana has about 120 calories for a medium one, loaded with potassium, vitamin C, sweet and starchy. Bananas are also versatile. Satisfy the starch urge by adding them to a fruit salad or cereal; Eat 30 minutes to 1 hour before a workout.
  5. Salad with veggies! Veggies are loaded with vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and great complex carbohydrates. they fill us up without filling us out and they supply great energy. Add in 1/2 cooked chilled pasta and make it a dinner salad.
  6. Baked Potato. Take a cue from bodybuilders who live on baked potatoes during their carb eating training days. Make it a meal by adding legumes, salsa or even cottage cheese.
  7. High Fiber Cereal. Start the day with a high fiber wheat cereal with low fat milk and a favorite fruit. Aside from the high fiber benefits, whole grains supply us with energy to start the day physically and mentally.

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