Effects of Regular Exercise on Muscular System

Exercise is the result of a well-coordinated function of various organs of the body constituting various systems of our body. These organs undergo a change during exercise.

Regular exercise over a considerable period of time brings in the following changes in the muscular system which is of a lasting nature:

1). Muscles become strong due to the gain in strength of the individual muscle fibers.
2). Muscle fibers shorten in length and increase in thickness. Because of this, the body appears muscular.
3). Muscles become more elastic and can perform work with greater speed.
4). As a result of gain in strength, the muscles can give better protection to some organs of our body.
5). Muscles develop muscle tone or a state of readiness for doing work. This acts as a safety measure in case of emergencies and makes a person less susceptible to injuries.
6). Muscles develop endurance.
7). Deposition of fat in between the muscles fibers decreases, reducing changes of obesity.

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