Electric Muscle Stimulation : A New Fitness Regimen

The latest technology in fitness training is a regimen, which allows a full body exercise via the EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) method, wherein low impact exercises are performed while the muscles are being electro-stimulated. You need to dedicate approximately 20 minutes of your time, once a week, for a complete workout.

The training intensifies the human body’s natural process when the central nervous system constantly sends electrical impulses to control muscle action. Via this method, it reaches deeper muscle layers, which are otherwise hard to activate through conventional physical training. The focus areas of this training are aimed at weight loss and fat removal, developing strength and endurance, relief from backaches, improved blood circulation, enhanced muscle formation and stimulation, improved mobility and body toning. It also helps athletes who want a strong build. Health experts globally have been talking about Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS), which is full-body training with electrical stimulation. It stimulates muscles so that your training is much more efficient.

EMS is an ‘active exercise’ method, which gives you desired results without any strenuous effort. Regular intensive training with EMS helps reduce excess body fat, gain muscle and positively influence the body’s metabolism. It simultaneously trains all large muscle groups with high intensity at the same time. This strengthens the core muscles and also helps build muscle mass, while taking care of body tone.

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