Exercise Regime for Healthy Knees

Warming up and stretching can help the knee joint in many ways, including increasing the circulation of the blood and lymph fluid into and out of joint structures and the adjacent soft tissues and ensuring that the muscles and the ligaments attendant to the knee joint are not too tight. As a result, tension on the tendons is reduced, and pressure on the knee is relieved.

Strengthen the muscles of the lower body to reduce the amount of force that goes through the knees. An appropriate muscle balance between the quadriceps and hamstrings provide an improved level of stabilization and strength for the knee joint.

Avoid doing too much exercise and avoid sudden increases in the intensity of exercise.

The condition of your feet has an effect on your knees. Wear shoes that fit properly and provide adequate cushioning. Improper use of exercise equipment can cause knee problems. Maintaining an appropriate level of weight can reduce the stress on your knees.

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