Exercise To Stay Fit and Healthy

Exercise is the result of a well-coordinated function of various organs of the body constituting various systems of our body. These organs undergo a change during exercise.

Effects of Exercise on Muscular System

The energy for muscular contraction is obtained from the high energy nutrients in the blood. These nutrients, because of some complex chemical reactions inside the muscle fiber, release energy during exercise for muscular contraction and raise the temperature of the body. As a result of exercise, the blood supply to the muscles also increases in order to meet the additional demand of the high energy nutrients.

However, some side effects may occur in certain individuals, because of their body disposition and improper exercise methods.

1). Muscular pain may occur in some individual during exercise. This occurs mainly due to inadequate blood supply to the contracting muscles which result in the non-clearance of the waste products of chemical changes.
2). Fluid may collect in muscles during activity and result in swelling. This swelling further hinders the function of muscles.
3). Soreness or lameness may occur during exercise due to the rupture of some muscle fibers or sheath of fibers.

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