Five Crucial Warning Signs Of An Impending Nervous Breakdown

The following five signs or symptoms indicate that you’re headed for a nervous breakdown and if they show up you better consult your doctor

1) If you lose focus: Every now and then, there will be times when you won’t be able to concentrate on work or your daily affairs. While it’s perfectly normal to experience a drop in your concentration levels once in awhile, if you constantly find yourself not being able to concentrate on a particular task for more than a week, you have reason to worry.

2) Fluctuation in your weight: Another obvious sign of an unbalanced state of mind is extreme weight loss or gain. You could also experience major loss of appetite, or may have suddenly developed a change in your eating habits. If you find yourself constantly bingeing on comfort food (read: junk), you need a reality check.

3) Increased intake of alcohol or chain smoking: While some people turn to comfort food when they are stressed, others deal with it by indulging in substance abuse. If you are consuming a harmful amount of alcohol daily, or constantly smoking, it can further aggravate your existing mental trauma and lead to a nervous breakdown.

4) Tendency to remain isolated: When you are depressed, you tend to withdraw into a shell and want to remain alone all the time. This isn’t good, as isolation from friends and family can further remove you not only from reality, but also come in the way of any sort of medical help and support you may need.

5) Self-sabotage: Causing any injury to yourself is a sure sign that your mental health isn’t stable. If you are suddenly keen on putting yourself in danger’s way or don’t care about your well-being in the least, it’s time you get some professional counselling.

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