Fracture : First Aid

Fracture falls into the following categories: Open fracture (Skin breaks causing open wound), Closed fracture (Skin not broken), Complicated fractures (Damage of adjacent organs), Stress fracture (Hairline crack due to repeated stress) and Greenstick fracture (In children’s flexible bones).

The first aid treatment depends on type & location of fracture:



For open fractures

  1. Control bleeding before treatment
  2. Rinse and dress the wound

For open / closed fractures

  1. Check the breathing
  2. Calm the person
  3. Examine for other injuries
  4. Immobilize the broken wound
  5. Apply ice to reduce pain / swelling
  6. Consult a doctor


  • Massage the affected area
  • Straighten the broken bone
  • Move without support to broken bone
  • Move joints above / below the fracture
  • Give oral liquids / food


Under the following circumstances, it is advisable to call an ambulance for emergency medical help. Though fracture is not a life-threatening condition, it requires appropriate and immediate medical attention.

(1) Possibility or suspicion of fracture involving the head, neck, back, hip, upper leg or pelvis.

(2) Inablity to completely immobilise the fractured area completely.

(3) Presence of severe bleeding associated with the injury.

(4)Lack of blood circulation in the affected area.

(5) Projection of bone through the skin surface.

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