Hair Care Mantra

Hair loss is a common problem if you do not take proper care. Here are some hair care ways you can follow to prevent hair loss

(A) Balanced Diet

Have a good balanced diet and lots of water. Iron deficiency causes a lot of hair loss. Thus, consumption of food which contains high iron like green and yellow vegetables, and fruits is recommended.

A high protein diet that includes egg whites, soy beans, cheese, pulses, milk and curd is good for the hair. A diet rich in zinc, selenium, biotin and essential fatty acids is necessary for hair growth.

Antioxidants like Vitamin C and E and Beta Carotene are good for hair growth.

Do not crash diet or starve to reduce weight as it will have a harmful effect on hair.

(B) Handling hair

Be gentle with your hair. Always use a wide toothed comb. Making tight braids and ponytails or pulling your hair can cause hair loss called Traction Alopecia and therefore, should be avoided. Avoid excessive combing of the hair as it can lead to weathering effect and cause split ends.

Application of heat on hair through blow drying, ironing or rebonding can damage it, leading to hair fall. Protecting your hair from sunlight is important since excessive UV rays can cause hair damage and graying.

Chlorine water in swimming pools is harmful for the hair. Thus, wearing a head cap during swimming and taking a shower after a swim is advised.
Avoid exposing your hair to rain water as a lot of environmental chemicals are present in that water that can cause hair loss.

Gentle massaging of the scalp increases the blood circulation and is good for hair growth. A good quality mild shampoo and conditioner should be used to clean the scalp and condition the hair.

(C ) Medications

Avoid self-medication as some medicines and excess of vitamins like vitamin A can lead to damaged hair.

If you are suffering from thyroid, control of hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism is essential.

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