Healthy Eating Guidelines

Healthy eating gives us a choice of what to eat and what to avoid. Experts in nutrition, over the years, have found out that following a simple set of guidelines will ensure healthy eating and enriching our health.
Here are the healthy eating guidelines :
1. Eat less meat. Reduce the frequency and the meat portions. Do not eat meat everyday
2. Add more poultry and fish to your meals. Avoid processed meats because they are usually high in fat.
3. Reduce severely the amount of cream, butter, cream cheese and ice- cream that you consume. Choose semi-skimmed milk.
4. Eat only those dairy products, which have low fat such as skimmed milk, cottage cheese and yogurt.
5. Restrict the number of eggs to not more than three per week.
6. Avoid more consumption of commercial biscuits and cakes because these are made with hard fats.
7. Eat some fresh fruits every day. And if possible eat fruits at or after every meal.
8. Eat more vegetables, because they are a very good low-fat source of protein.

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