High LDL Causes Cardiovascular Diseases

High LDL is always bad for you as it can cause cardiovascular diseases. LDL is the abbreviation for Low Density Lipoprotein. It transports cholesterol to tissues and arteries where the cholesterol can create blockages and hence it is bad. In other words, Low Density Lipoprotein is Bad Cholesterol.

If the amount of LDL is high and cholesterol gets deposited in your arteries, it could make the arteries narrower. LDL is responsible for angina, heart attacks, heart failure,stroke or kidney diseases.

The level of cholesterol is determined by a blood test done after 12 hours of fasting. People who have raised levels of cholesterol, or with hypertension, or diabetes or have a family history of heart disease, and smokers should get tested and repeat it more often for their own safety.

To check LDL, reduce your intake of saturated fats by reducing the butter, cheese, coconut oil, cream, egg yolks, poultry skin, red meat and whole milk in your diet. Exercise always helps.

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