How To Handle Stress at Work Place

Apart from archaic employee rules, irritable bosses, and nose diving salaries, we also have to deal with the stress of commuting through poor traffic conditions. To ease the pain and vaporise the stress, here is a compilation on work related stress to understand and break this enemy.

Do you have any vices?

Stress is a stimulant that breaks most of us; some go into depression, some take up gossiping, while others relieve stress through smoking. This one time pleasure turns into addiction and smoke breaks are a regular feature in your daily life. Besides work stress, you frequently go for smoke breaks, especially if you have company and find it a great way to socialize. But that’s no excuse!

Don’t stress out, your back will give way

Stress coupled with an improper sitting posture leads to back problems. If you hunch and your chair is uncomfortable, your back will tell you right away. Stress only amplifies it. Adjust your chair, get a cushion, and sit in an upright position.

Another aspect of your working life that may be affecting you through stress, is that heavy bag you carry to work each day. To avoid back pain, carry a backpack or continuously shift the bag between your shoulders.

Healthy snacks for a stress-free environment

What you eat also preps up your mood. Food that is rich in spices and doused with oil will make you sluggish and irritable. A healthy snack that uses little or no oil, or a snack that has good fats, will keep you alert through the day. Fruits and dry fruits are the best alternatives as they are rich in antioxidants that boost your happiness meter. A healthy sandwich or a light snack is what you need.

Face your office bullies

You are in for trouble and work stress if are bullied at work. Office bullies can make your work life hell and even impact your work performance. Be confident at your work place.

Beat job stress

If your job is getting to you, here are few ways to fight work stress – Relax, think the problem through; avoid caffeine or cigarettes, leave your personal problems aside as they will crop up in your work too. Be rational in your choices and do not lose hope. If work stress is too hard to handle, then change is necessary.

To be stress-free, learn to adopt a healthy habit

Change is difficult, but you need to pick up some healthy habits that will make you happy and stress-free. Instead of coffee, gulp down water with electrolytes, spice up your cubicle, move around the office and start your day with a good healthy breakfast.

Relax and take a break over weekends

Catch up on sleep, follow your passion, encourage yourself to do an outdoor activity, spoil yourself at a spa, the opportunities are endless. Don’t let work stress affect your weekend, separate the two and have a blast.

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