How To Maintain a Steady Weight

Once you slim down, after shedding unwanted flab, you should take care to see that you should maintain a steady weight; Here is how you can go about it:

Get exercise in unexpected ways. To maintain the ideal weight, for men and women, one needs to be active in their whole day. Ideally, it is recommended to burn at least 2000 calories per day for men & 1600 calories for women. Instead of using elevators/lift, if they use stairs, they will burn up to 100 calories, and so on.

Make it an on-going activity. Maintaining weight or losing weight should not be a short duration target. It should be an on-going activity, which needs to be achieved slowly and in a steady manner.

Cut short the fizzy drinks. Surely, soft drinks and other carbonated drinks need to be on check. If you are on your way to being a fit person and want to live your life healthier, then stay away from fizzy drinks as much as you can. Instead, go for homemade lemonade, fresh fruit juice or prepare your own ice tea. Carbonated, aerated drinks simply elevate the symptoms of diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, liver damage, heart ailments and even cancer to some extent.

Eat at proper intervals. If one wants to maintain his/her lost weight or intends to lose weight, then the most important point to keep in mind is to have food at proper regular intervals. Skipping any meal of the day, will not help one to lose weight, rather it creates problems. It is recommended to have 6 to 7 meals in a day but of small portions. The count is of how much calories you consume in a day. The small portion of meal helps you digest food faster. And not to forget, eat a light dinner at least a couple of hours before sleeping to avoid acidity and other indigestion issues that indirectly affect weight management.

Carry on with your strength training routine. Not only does strength training give men and women a fit and toned body, but it also helps the joints and muscles work more efficiently against injuries. It makes joints and bones more flexible and strong, and increases stamina. It is ideally suggested that one should opt for strength training for at least three times a week. Strength train all parts of your body by targeting different body muscles on a daily basis.

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