Improve Your Posture For A Flat Tummy

There are simple means of reducing your paunch or stopping it from getting bigger, without the rigours of a gym. A bulging tummy is the result of poor distribution of fat in the body, not necessarily a sign of obesity.

Here are some guidelines take off a few inches from your waist :


Walk to work

Walking or cycling instead of driving if your workplace is near, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator wherever possible gives a better chance for a flat tummy.

Improve your posture

If you spend long hours sitting at a desk, in front of a screen, chances are that you slouch, thus leaving the stomach loose and bulging. The first step towards a taut tummy is to never slouch, whether sitting, standing or walking.

Weak back muscles affect the abs as well. Something you can do while at your desk is to maintain a straight back, yet comfortable position. A chin up, shoulders back, stomach in posture while walking not only makes you look fitter but makes your tummy look flatter.

Stretch exercises at work

While at your desk, stretch your back and pull in the stomach. Hold your breath and release. Sway from side to side a few times. Rest your arms on the armrest of the chair and lift your feet, one at a time. Hold for a few seconds and release. Repeat every half hour or as often as you can. There are also forced breathing techniques for the stomach which you can learn from a professional.

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