Internet Addiction Disorder : Symptoms

A person suffering internet addiction disorder experiences at least three of the following during a twelve month period:

(1) The affected person uses the internet for longer periods and more often than intended.

(2) A significant amount of time is spent on internet-related activities like checking out new browsers or researching internet vendors.

(3) Other activities related to work, recreation or social interactions are reduced due to internet use.

Tolerance :Use of the internet for the same amount of time gradually reduces satisfaction, and the person feels the need to use it for increasing amounts of time to feel the same level of satisfaction. This condition is called tolerance.

Withdrawal symptoms:Two or more withdrawal symptoms occur within days to a month of stopping or limiting internet use. These include symptoms like trembling, anxiety, obsessive thinking about the internet, fantasies or dreams about the internet and voluntary or involuntary typing movement of fingers.

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