Internet Addiction Disorder : Treatment

Since internet addiction disorder is a recently recognized condition, there is no definite treatment for the condition. Behavioral therapy is used to treat most cases.

Some steps suggested to help people addicted to the internet are:

(1) The person should be made aware of the problem and the patterns of overuse. The time spent in not only using the internet but also thinking about it should be assessed.

(2) Any underlying psychiatric problems like depression and attention deficit hyperkinetic disorder should be recognized and treated.

(3)The individual should gradually reduce the internet use, till an acceptable level is reached.

(4)The use of medications is being tested out for the treatment of internet addiction disorder.

The internet has definitely changed our lives for the better, so it is not necessary to stay away from it just to avoid getting addicted. It may also not be possible to completely avoid the internet especially in those people who require internet for their work.

It is still not clear whether internet addiction disorder exists or not. However, it is a fact that excess use of internet can affect our personal, social, work and educational lives, and moderation is the key. Too much of anything is always a problem. It is necessary to be aware that addiction to the internet could occur and moderate the use before the problem arises.

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