Lifestyle Diseases Affect 14.2 Million People Globally Every Year

With the changes in lifestyles because of change in working conditions and even the household chores, a new set of diseases called Lifestyle diseases are afflicting people.

Globally 14.2 million people between the ages of 30-69 years die prematurely each year from these diseases. These diseases have emerged as bigger killers than infectious or hereditary ones.

Risk factors for these diseases include tobacco use, unhealthy diets and physical inactivity. Here are some of the Lifestyle diseases:


Unhealthy eating habits, over sized meals, and reduced physical exercise result in obesity. A person with excessive weight suffers with breathing problems, blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc.

Type II diabetes

Obesity becomes the cause for other health problems such as Type II Diabetes which is the non-insulin dependent form, and generally develops in adults.

Heart disease

This refers to abnormalities that affect the heart muscle and blood vessel walls. The major factors involved in its development are smoking, diabetes and high cholesterol intake.


This is a group of diseases that occur when the arterial blood vessel walls thicken and lose elasticity. Atherosclerosis is when fatty plaques deposit in the arterial walls and cause blood circulation disorders, chest pain, and heart attacks. It is linked with diabetes, obesity and a high BP.

High blood pressure

When the reading is 140/90 or higher, the BP is considered to be high. Hypertension results from a variety of reasons like stress, obesity, genetic factors, overuse of salt in the diet and ageing.

Swimmer’s ear

Swimmer’s ear is inflammation, irritation, or infection of the outer ear and ear canal. Buzzing or ringing ears, or difficulty in understanding speech patterns are its symptoms. Swimmer’s ears results due to loud music and constant use of headphones.


Cancer includes any hysterical, irregular cell growth. The types of cancer could include lung cancer due to prolonged smoking, skin cancer due to too much exposure to the sun etc.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
This is a disease described by a progressive, permanent obstruction of the airways. Smoking and air pollution are factors as well as reasons for worsening of this condition.

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