Meningitis – Complications : Diagnosis

The complications of bacterial meningitis can include problems such as hearing loss, visual impairment, seizures, and learning disabilities in children.

Tiredness, repeated headaches and concentration problems can occur. Mood swings, aggression, balance problems and clumsiness are some complications that generally resolve in few days time, however viral meningitis generally resolves without any after effects.

Meningitis is diagnosed by analysis of the spinal fluid. Spinal fluid is obtained by a procedure called the lumbar puncture or spinal tap in which a needle is inserted in the lower back and the spinal fluid is extracted.

The spinal fluid is then subjected to biochemical analysis to find out if there is increased or decreased white blood cells, sugar, proteins. The fluid is also stained and cultured for the growth of bacteria.

Other investigations include :Blood tests and CT scan.

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