Migraine Headache: Causes

Migraine headache is a special type of headache. Classically, the single most characteristic feature of migraine is episodic headache associated with accompanying symptoms like vomiting, blurring of vision etc.

Episodic headaches means that they can occur anywhere from once or twice a year to 1-4 times a month but in between, there are prolonged pain free intervals. However, occasionally some patients may get headaches more frequently, almost daily. The headache is usually felt on the one part of the head.


  1. A familial history of migraine (e.g. mother suffering from migraine).
  2. Diet – Chocolate, cheese & alcohol can trigger an attack.
  3. Unpleasant smells.
  4. Women on oral contraceptives.
  5. Menstruation
  6. Stress & anxiety
  7. Bright lights and flickering lights (e.g. television)
  8. Changes in the weather.
  9. Excessive noise.(noise pollution)

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