Neha Dhupia On Organic Way Of Life

Winner of Femina Miss India 2002 and Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia is an ardent practitioner of the organic way of life.

Here is what Neha Dhupia says on going organic:

“I am very clear about what I put in my body now. Organic food is grown in farms without pesticides and in a manner that ensures all of the earth’s rich nutrients and minerals are preserved. There are stores and markets all over that provide organic rice, veggies, flour, everything that we need for our meals. Most of the time, vegetables are stripped off their rich properties.”

“I don’t understand how people use plastic so blatantly. It’s non-recyclable and the fumes are toxic. I use jute bags to pick up my groceries and avoid keeping plastic bags or bottles in my car or house. My yoga pyjamas and mat are made of jute. I love the fabric and we have small industries all over the country manufacturing jute.”

“I don’t keep processed chips or juices in my house. A lot of the so-called healthy juices are actually overloaded with sugar..”

“I am extremely passionate about being environmental friendly and conserving the ecosystem. I hate it when people waste water, or keep electricity running when not needed. We need to be more aware and careful about how we use these amenities.”

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