Paget’s Disease Of The Bone : Symptoms


Paget’s disease is a disorder that involves abnormal bone destruction and regrowth, which results in deformity.

The excessive breakdown and formation of bone tissue causes affected bone to weaken, resulting in pain, misshapen bones, fractures, and arthritis in the joints near the affected bones.

Paget’s disease typically is localized, affecting just one or a few bones, as opposed to osteoporosis, for example, which usually affects all the bones in the body.


1. Bone pain (may be severe and persistent)
2. Bowing of the legs and other visible deformities
3. Enlarged head
4. Fracture
5. Headache
6. Hearing loss
7. Joint pain or stiffness
8. Neck pain
9. Reduced height
10. Skull deformities
11. Warmth of skin over the affected bone

Note: Most patients have no symptoms.

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