Playing a Sport Keeps You Fit and Enhances Your Personality

Playing a sport is always a fun activity and a great source of entertainment. But regular sporting activities not only take care of your physical fitness but also enhance your personality and help in maintaining your mental well-being. Here is what playing a sport does to you:

( A) Research has shown that playing badminton, tennis, cricket or baseball is said to improve mathematical skills in children. It helps develop leadership qualities too and foster a sense of team spirit. Sports inculcates a sense of competition and helps you deal with success and failure with a positive spirit. Playing helps in the development of social skills. It teaches you to interact with people, communicate with them and collaborate as a team. It fosters collective thinking and harnesses your planning and delegation skills too.

( B ) Sports requires discipline, assertiveness and the ability to work as a team and a willingness to compete without fear of failure. These positive characteristic traits help you at your workplace, as well as in your interpersonal relationships.

( C ) One of the main aspects of playing some sort of sport is that it helps you perform better at your workplace; especially if you are required to work with a group of people.

( D ) The most important qualities sports inculcate in you are self-esteem and confidence. You learn to take success and failure in the right spirit. It gives an attitude to be strong and only focus on the game.

( E ) When you are bogged down with work etc, playing some sort of sport helps you stay stress-free and happy. Neurotransmitters present in your brain cells are stimulated when you exercise and it is believed that these transmitters meditate your moods and emotions and help you feel better and less stressed out.

( F ) Sports helps you prepare, schedule, and prioritise your deadlines well and this builds your time management skills. Playing a sport involves directed thinking. You need to focus on the game and not divert your attention anywhere. This quality is also important in your personal life.

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