Post Exercise Nutrition

The primary aim of post exercise nutrition is replenishment of the depleted carbohydrates stored in the body, repair of the broken down muscles and recovery from the stress of the exercise.

Nutrition for post intense weight training

Immediate replenishment through simple sugars such as glucose, juice or bananas is essential. Within half an hour of the high energy sugar dosage, the muscle also requires the fastest possible supply of highest quality protein such as whey protein in water or egg whites. This combination immediately gives a boost to anabolism and muscle repair after the workout.

Nutrition for post light moderate weight training / cardio

Immediate replenishment with sugar is not required as the carbohydrate stores are not depleted

After a morning workout complex carbohydrates such as whole grains or whole fruits should be chosen and after an evening workout a low calorie carbohydrate- protein food such as sprouts, fistful of nuts and a whey protein shake should be picked.

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