Pre Exercise Nutrition

Exercise alone cannot do any wonders to body shape or fitness. Equal importance has to be given to the diet intake.

Basically, if you do not eat correctly, exercise can actually do more harm than good. Exercise causes breakdown and is a trigger for the body to repair and grow. It’s a draining process and the replenishment has to come from a proper diet. Nourishing the body with wholesome food will make the body grow stronger and fitter.

Cardiovascular exercise and weight training use carbohydrate as the primary fuel. The perfect pre exercise combo is a mix of complex carbohydrates and slow release first class proteins to provide sustained release of energy and amino acids to support energy requirements till the end of the workout.

Here are the preferable pre exercise foods:

  • Carbohydrate options (Whole cereals rich in carbohydrates with moderate fibre)
  • Oats, Muesli, wheat flakes, Chappati, Unpolished rice, Millets, Dalia or lapsi, Wheat bread sandwich,
  • One could choose a low glycemic index fruit like apple, pear, papaya, orange that is low on sugar and high on fibre provided one chooses to jog, run, or perform cardio exercise.
  • Protein options : It is best to choose the slow release casein protein, found naturally in milk
  • Skim milk paneer, Glass of whey protein powder in skim milk, Casein – whey protein blend, Egg whites

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