Precautions to Take in Raising a Single Child

These days, many couples are planning and having a single child for various reasons. The question of parenting a single child is only child or lonely child?

Here are tips for parents to effectively raise a single child.

Focus your attention
View your single child as an advantage, mainly because your attention and concern need not be evenly divided between two or more children. You can spend all the quality time you have on raising a single individual into a responsible adult. You can concentrate all your resources and parenting potential on one person.

Do not shower gifts, but time
Resources does not only mean money. It includes time, attention, love and caring. Therefore, do not ever overindulge your child by using material means, as this will spoil the young one. For instance, do not shower him with excessive pocket money, fancy birthday bashes or costly gifts. Affluence will give a wrong signal to the child. He or she will not be able to face life in the true spirit. Be your child’s best friend – someone he can always approach for help, advice or play.

Keep your child busy
The modern world has opened many avenues for children. There are numerous classes dealing with every discipline under the sun, ranging from theatre to astronomy to karate to painting. Consider your child’s aptitude when selecting a hobby class for him. Apart from the regular school curriculum, you must encourage your child to participate in sports, indoor games and most importantly, to socialise and build a friend’s circle. Open as many windows of communication as you can, so your child doesn’t feel the lack of a sibling.

Books, TV and other sources of entertainment
Introduce your child to literature. Books can be long lasting friends. If your son/daughter develops an interest in Foreign language, encourage him to pursue it. Language and literature is the stepping-stone towards understanding any culture. Let your child watch television and surf the net for a limited time everyday. An educational programme on television does not harm. You will of course have to monitor your child’s TV watching.

Expand your family of friends
Inculcate caring and sharing values in your little one. Teach your child the significance of lasting friendships. Even parents have to learn the importance of increasing the size of their circle of friends.

Never feel guilty about having a single child
Opting for a single child is a personal decision. No one, not even close relatives, should make you feel guilty about this aspect.

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