Protein Supplements For Good Health

Most of us may not even be aware if the diet regimes being followed by us are fulfilling our daily requirements or not. Nutrients are lost due to excessive cooking and their absorption is also variable. We are unable to meet the protein, micronutrient and fibre requirements due to poor fruit vegetable, pulse and whole grain consumption.

If we get adequate amount of protein from food, then it does not call for a need to supplement, but if not then supplementing the diet with protein can make a difference to overall fitness and wellbeing.

Here are some protein or nutrition supplements:

  • Body building supplements like (Flax protein powder, whey protein powder)
  • Nutrition or protein supplements for the adults and elderly (Humyll, Nutribody Protein, Amways Nutrilite)
  • Clinical Protein supplements for all age groups – (Resource high protein powder, Protinex, Protinex junior)
  • Diabetic protein supplements
  • Meal replacement powders, beverages, bars
  • High protein bars, meal replacement bars
  • Commercially popular supplements for all age groups (Horlicks, Bournvita, Boost, Malto, Women’s horlicks)

Protein Supplements are available as powders, solid food formulations or as beverages.

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