Protein Supplements For Muscle Building

Carnitine monohydrate and glutamine are protein based meal replacers and weight gainers. They have almost 3 times as much carbs as protein and should be consumed only by people who have high metabolisms and need the protein sparing effect of carbohydrates to promote lean body mass gain.

Most of the Protein supplements are either single type of protein or in combination with others.

Whey Protein

It is a component of milk protein and has the highest bio-availability rating amongst all proteins. Milk protein is 20% Whey & 80% Casein. It is quickly absorbed by the body.

The quantity of protein provided by a glass of milk is low and hence a large quantum has to be consumed to meet the daily demand. Therefore whey protein powders present as a protein source in protein mixes helps to meet the need for this nutrient and to formulate various protein supplements.

Soya Protein

It contains all essential amino acids and is a good quality protein source for vegetarians.

Egg White Protein

It is considered as a superior source of protein

Protein Supplements, also contain vitamins, minerals, herbs like ginseng, spirulina (sea plant protein), some spices like cinnamon, vanilla, stabilizers, preservatives and antioxidants.

Protein Requirements

It is easier to maintain a desirable weight if one consumes a low carbohydrate, low fat but a moderate to high protein diet. Also excess protein does not turn into fat or get stored as fat In addition, to keeping the muscles healthy and prevent their wastage or atrophy (as we get older) it is essential that we eat a protein rich diet and exercise.

Protein is the building block of our body and is required to build muscles and repair tissues. Any inadequacy will use it up for carrying out the routine bodily functions, leaving no proteins left to be used for the purpose of muscle building. In addition it would also have an adverse effect on our body immune system.

It is especially important to supplement when on a bodybuilding program. A person who works out regularly thrice a week suffers from microtrauma of muscles. Athletes require additional protein to supplement their diets and training efforts.

People who are not overly active will use the normal amount to perform bodily functions. People who are highly active (such as athletes and bodybuilders) subject their muscles to an increased level of wear and tear and therefore require additional protein supplements to keep themselves in shape.

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