Receding Gums : Treatment

The level of the gingival in relation to the tooth diagnoses this condition. If the level of gingiva is below the line, which separates the crown of the tooth from the root, it is diagnosed as gingival recession.

Receding gum can be treated in relation to a few teeth, but treatment of all the teeth is not possible. But prior treatment will definitely improve the condition and prevent further occurrence.

Treatment of this condition is by a small surgical procedure. The displaced gingival is repositioned by detaching the gingival
and tying it up at the optimal level.

But before this surgery all the regular procedure to create a healthy gingival is undertaken such as regular brushing, scaling, root planning, gum surgeries etc.

When more amount of tooth surface is exposed to the saliva in the oral cavity, the rate of tooth to decay is also high. Thus covering of the teeth by the gingiva is very essential.

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