Rs 2.84-lakh Cancer Drug Nexavar to Cost just Rs 8,880

The Government of India on Monday allowed Hyderabad-based Natco Pharma to manufacture and sell cancer-treatment drug Nexavar at a price over 30 times lower than charged by its patent-holder and German multinational Bayer Corporation under Section 84 of the Indian Patent Act.

The order was issued by India Patents Office as a ‘Compulsory Licence’ under the Indian Patent Act, which is in compliance with the TRIPS agreement of the World Trade Organisation.

Nexavar is a drug used to treat liver and kidney cancer and sells at Rs 2.84 lakh for a pack of 120 tablets. The medicine could now be made available to patients at a price not exceeding Rs 8,880 for 120 tablets.

Natco can sell the drug only in India and this is a huge relief to cancer patients in India.

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