Skin Disorders : Treatment

Many skin disorders may be helped by topical, oral, or subcutaneous treatment.

Common treatment methods for treatable skin conditions include antihistamines, steroid cream and pills, antibiotics, vitamin or steroid injections, laser therapy, and targeted prescription medications. Not all skin disorders respond to treatment.

Permanent skin conditions often go through phases or cycles of severe symptoms. Certain incurable conditions can be forced into remission, but most reappear during times of stress, illness, or overexertion.

Painful skin disorders can be partially addressed with pain medication. Skin conditions that involve open sores, lesions, or contagions may also be treated with medical ointments and bandages or wraps.

Skin disorders that are temporary and merely cosmetic in nature can often be treated with medicated make-up, over-the-counter skin care products, hygiene techniques, and small lifestyle changes. In addition, some skin conditions can be treated or improved with changes in diet.

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