Some Effective Fitness Habits For White Collar Employees

With the rapid computerisation, many employees in most offices are glued to their PCs on the desks while parked in the chairs for hours and hours. This scenario needs certain simple fitness precautions that keeps you healthy.

Avoid stiffness:

Sitting is not a natural posture for the human body. Hours of sitting tightens and lengthens different lower body muscles in a state of perpetual contraction or extension, which means that muscle groups like the hamstrings, glutes, and quads weaken over time. Long hours of sitting also affects your core, causing weak backs and protruding stomachs.

To avoid this stiffness and weakness, get off your chair, stand up and stretch your lower body muscles. Practise a few stretches with each stretch for 8-10 seconds.

Avoid poor posture:

You must avoid poor posture at work at any cost. Poor posture causes slouching, which leads to an entire chain of unhealthy outcomes. Slouching places strain on the wrong joints, primarily those around the thoracic and lumbar spines. This could be caused by a lower chair, a higher desk, a keyboard that doesn’t have elbow desk space around it, or a computer screen that’s either too close, too far, or too low.

Ensure that your knees are at 90 degrees with the floor. Your back should be straight. Your elbows should be places on a support (desk or armchair), and your computer screen should be at eye level, i.e., so that you don’t need to bend to see the screen clearly.

Avoid uncomfortable food:

Avoid unhealthy junk food in the office canteen or friendly neighbourhood fast-food cafe.

Fried, cheesy, greasy, fattening, salty, sugar-heavy food and drink; these are all foods that leave you bloated, gassy, stuffed and plain unhappy. Eat healthy and your diet should be such that you are comfortable at your workplace.

Avoid dehydration:

Most people drink water when eating or right after a meal. However, your body needs a constant supply of water, a few sips now and then, through the day. So keep a bottle of water with a small cup at your desk.

Drink a cup of water every 45-60 minutes.

Be active:
You should always try to get out of the sitting position once in a while when the opportunity presents itsel to you. If you get a phone call, talk while walking around. If you have an informal gathering or meeting, remain standing for the entire duration. If you want to talk to a colleague, walk over to his or her desk instead of using instant messaging. If you want to refill your water bottle, walk over to the water cooler instead of asking housekeeping to do the job.

Stretch, walk, do a couple of quick lunges, but get active.

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