Symptoms of Acoustic Neuroma

The following symptoms are normally associated with Acoustic Neuroma

  • Reduction in hearing in one ear which is usually subtle and worsens slowly.
  • Ear noise or ‘tinnitus’ in one ear.
  • Unsteadiness and balance problems (since the balance portion of the eighth nerve is where the tumour arises).
  • Facial numbness and tingling may occur if the tumour is large, and so presses on the fifth cranial nerve.
  • Headaches, clumsy gait and mental confusion may be experienced if the pressure on the brain rises.

The pattern of symptoms depends mainly on the exact place along the nerve that the tumour arises, which in turn determines which of the local structures (nerves and brain tissue) are pressed on first. As the tumours keep on growing a young person who develops acoustic neuroma will almost always eventually develop symptoms from it.

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