The FITT Principle Of Exercise For Fitness

The acronym FITT stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type
This is a well known principle for exercise that helps us progress in our fitness regimen. However, to follow this principle, you have to consult a good gym trainer and dietician.

Frequency: How often do you exercise? If you start with three days a week and find that this becomes comfortable, then increase the sessions to four or five depending on the nature of the exercise and your goal of fitness.

Intensity: How hard do you exercise? What heart-rate do you maintain during the exercise session, is a decent way to gauge your performance intensity. Several performance gadgets like sport watches and exercise monitors exist to help with this. You can try a simple 1 to 10 (easy to tough) self-check.

Time: How many hours and minutes do you exercise for each week?

Type: What type of workouts do you follow?

Please note that Progressions in ‘time’ and ‘type’ are inter-related.
For instance, if you walk for exercise, and that is your ‘type,’ then you can increase ‘time’ from 30 to 60 minutes after it begins to get easy. But if the type is heavy weight training, then time increase may not be a good idea.

Instead, you can vary type by introducing new weight training exercises; for instance move from machine-assisted work to free-dumbbells work, move from wide base of support to narrow base of support, and so on.

Balanced nutrition
Exercise without balanced nutrition is incomplete and will never give you the results you seek. You can expect great cardiovascular health, good body composition, and optimal weight management only with balanced nutrition.

Balanced exercise
Exercise is a science that, when studied and practiced with adequate research, will give you very specific results. For instance, you cannot strengthen your legs with an upper body exercise. Similarly, you cannot hope to build strength with a cardio routine; you can walk for three hours a day, but you won’t build any strength in your shoulders.

To gain maximum mileage from your fitness routine, you will have to get expert advice on exercise and nutrition.

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