The good signs of a healthy pregnancy

A healthy woman is a prerequisite for a healthy pregnancy. Here are some signs that indicate the healthiness of the pregnant woman:

Normal blood pressure and sugar levels
Blood pressure and sugar levels must be monitored from the minute that you first decide to get pregnant as these are the prime indicators of a healthy pregnancy.

This monitoring must be based on different trimesters, when the mother’s blood pressure and sugar levels fluctuate during pregnancy. Levels of blood pressure are a bit on the higher side during pregnancy, when compared to a healthy non-pregnant woman.

The Growth of the fetus.
The rate at which the fetus is growing also determines the growth of the baby, and consequently the health of a pregnant woman. It can be checked by checking the weight of a pregnant woman or during an ultrasound.

Weight gain.
Doctor normally recommend an increase of 13 to 15 kilos during pregnancy, especially if the would-be pregnant woman maintained a healthy weight prior to pregnancy. However, if the woman is already overweight, then doctors generally tend to advise gaining comparatively less weight.

Hormone levels.
Progesterone and estrogen, are two hormones that depict a healthy sign of pregnancy.

A pregnant woman can produce upto 400 mg of progesterone, when compared to a healthy non-pregnant woman who produces around 20 mg of progesterone. These hormones set up the endometrium for implantation, hence keeping the woman away from menstruating, and keeping the uterus from contracting during the pregnancy.

Estrogen’s main job is to build tissue. It is estrogen that enables the uterus to amplify in size from approximately 60 grams before the pregnancy to about 1,200 at the later half of the pregnancy.

Fetal movements
Doctors usually advise to count the fetal movements during a pregnancy as a way to keep track of how healthy the pregnancy is. Between the 6th to 10th week of pregnancy, a mother tends to start feeling the fetus movements. Fetus movements ensure that the baby is receiving enough oxygen and that the baby is doing well.

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