The Role of Exercise in a Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise is the result of a well-coordinated function of various organs of the body constituting various systems of our body. These organs undergo a change during exercise.

Physical activity and exercise are non-negotiable components of a healthy lifestyle and successful weight management. Physical activity is any body movement that works your muscles and requires that your body use more energy than when you are resting. Exercise is a subset of physical activity that is planned, structured, and repetitive for the purpose of conditioning any part of the body.

For example, an exercise program can include walking, running, swimming, bicycling, working out in a gym or fitness center, doing floor exercises, or working with a personal trainer or physical therapist.

Exercise improves health, maintains fitness, and helps you recover from physical disabilities. Activities of daily living are also a form of physical activity that includes pursuits such as gardening, climbing stairs, cleaning, or parking further away from and walking to your destination.

A program of regular exercise most days of the week, together with increased activities of daily living, are the goals to strive for in order to achieve optimal fitness.

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