Types of Parenting Practices

Developmental psychologists and behavioral experts have chronicled the different types of parenting practices:

  1. Positive Parenting- unconditional support, guiding them and supporting them for healthy development.
  2. Attachment Parenting- strengthen the intuitive, psychological and emotional bond between the primary caregiver
  3. Unconditional Parenting- giving unconditional positive encouragement
  4. Spiritual Parenting- respecting the child’s individuality, making space for child to develop a sense of their own beliefs through their personality and their own potentials
  5. Slow Parenting- allowing the child to develop their own interests and allowing them to grow into their own person, lots of family time, allowing children to make their own decisions, limit electronics, simplistic toys
  6. Helicopter Parenting- over-parenting, parents are constantly involving themselves, interrupting the child’s ability to function on their own
  7. Narcissistic Parenting- parents are driven by their own needs, their children are an extension of their own identity, use their children to live out their dreams
  8. Toxic Parenting- poor parenting, complete disruption of the child’s ability to identify one’s self and reduced self-esteem, neglecting the needs of the child and abuse is sometimes seen in this parenting style.

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