What to do When Foreign Object is Swallowed

Mostly children accidentally swallow foreign objects like coins, small toys and small objects like buttons. Most objects swallowed will be eliminated naturally. But, Sharp objects/objects like battery are dangerous.

First Aid Treatment
For someone else

  • Stand behind the person
  • Wrap your arms around victim’s waist
  • Tilt the person a little forward
  • Make a fist with one hand
  • Place it just above the navel
  • Hold the fist with the other hand
  • Give a hard upward thrust into the abdomen
  • Repeat if required

On Oneself

  • Make fist with one hand
  • Place fist above navel
  • Hold it with other hand
  • Bend over a hard surface like a chair
  • Give hard upward thrust
  • Repeat if required

Seek medical help as quickly as possible

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