Why Is Your Weight Loss Plan a Failure?

Why your weight loss efforts are resulting in failure? Let us find out:

Is water intake included in your weight loss plans?

Recent research claims that drinking eight glasses of water a day is not imperative to health. However, the same research is quick to point out that an average woman needs approximately 2.8litres of fluid, and that the average man needs about 3.4litres every day. This fluid intake may, the study says, include fluids such as tea, coffee, and juices, apart from water.

How many empty calories does your daily meal plan include?

Everyone is aware of the calories in and calories out concept behind weight loss. But, many misinterpret this as an exact equation that doesn’t need any qualitative analysis. Where your calories come from is even more important than how many calories you take in.

Example of empty calories: Sugar-based snacks like mithais and cupcakes; endless cups of tea and coffee with 1-3 teaspoons of sugar per cup; processed foods like biscuits, muffins and packaged juices. Replace these empty calories with nutritious foods and spread them through the day.

Is exercise part of your weight loss plan?

Any weight loss plan that does not include regular exercise is incomplete and short-lived. Not only does regular exercise keep your muscles, joints, bodily functions and systems in great working order, it also keeps lifestyle diseases at bay.

Is weight training part of your weight loss plan?

Weight training is as important, if not more, than cardio training. Running or cycling for long periods of time will add stress to your joints, especially in the lower body. If you do not spend time on strengthening the muscles around these joints, it could lead to problems in middle age.

How many portions of vegetables and fruits do you eat every day?

Since fruits and vegetables are crucial to weight loss, they need a separate mention. The function of digestion relies heavily on dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. While meat, poultry, dairy, seafood, cereals and fats, give us important nutrients as well, vegetables and fruits give us this much needed fibre in appropriate quantities.

Are you eating enough protein to support your fitness routine?

Protein is an important food group and macronutrient that you just cannot ignore. A majority of weight loss failures owe the stubborn kilos to lack of protein in the diet. Protein intake becomes even more important when you include weight training in your daily fitness routine.

What are your carb and fat sources?

If you eat more than 150-250 grams of cereal carbs a day, you might be sabotaging your weight loss plans. When compared, carbs from fruits and vegetables are far superior than carbs from cereals. While whole grain cereals can be considered healthy, their contribution to overall health isn’t very substantial. Therefore, control their intake and focus on better foods for carbs.

Are you getting enough sleep?

Lack of sleep lowers immunity, affects hormonal imbalance, impairs bodily functions like digestion, and causes lethargy, which in turn affects exercise performance. Also, as you feel more tired due to lack of sleep, you will find yourself mentally fatigued and unable to stick to your weight loss resolutions. Getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night is of utmost importance.

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