Leveling in Cataclysm

World of Warcraft players are always looking for ways to get their characters to level 85 as fast as possible and the new expansion, Cataclysm, is no exception.

One of the most difficult things to do is to level a new character to the new level cap of 85. Every other expansion the leveling was improved, the leveling in Cataclysm is no exception. So why is it so difficult to level in Cataclysm?

The new content, in general, is a lot more “mushy”

Sure there are a lot more quests and ways to level your character than there were in Wrath/ored and expansion. This actually is very good for players that are leveling alone ( LAN ) or if you’re leveling with a party ( Public Questing ).

The lore is vast and confusing

I think that’s the biggest difference and this is why so many people are having problems leveling. A lot of the good areas, the new storyline are simply so confusing that a lot of people get turned off the game because they do not know where to go to complete certain quests.

It’s just a huge maze of quests and it’s not uncommon to run around for a good 15 minutes just looking for a specific quest item or mob.

Depth of quests is poor

In Cataclysm a lot of quests are pretty shallow – they give you an overall outline of the quest and then you just wander around picking up the following quests:

Once you pick up the first 5 quests you will then just wander around completing these quests in order and get 5 – 10 kills to get your experience up a bit.

The Redridge Mountains is a mass of quests that requires a lot of running around and this is actually in the description of the area when you go to pick up quests!

The pacing of the quests is crazy and you just do not know where to go and what to do next with most of them. I found myself running back and forth for about 15 – 20 minutes just to pick up a few quests and then running back to turn them in!

Most people admit that this is a lot of time but you can get through a lot more quests per hour that way.

You run out of quests quicker

Cataclysm has quite a lot more quests than the original world of warcraft and a lot of the quests are long drawn out. I’m not sure about you but i always got bored and wanted to get to the next quest as fast as possible.

Quests with dragons and survivability

This was an issue for me as i switched to alliance because the quests were a lot easier because alliance are obviously more intelligent. Most of the quests are 25 – 30 minutes long and are highly accessible.

Most of the quests are survivability based – meaning you can’t kill more than 1 – 2 monsters of a certain type and most quests require killing more than 1 – 2 monsters of a certain type so in essence if you could do 10 quests with the same settings and get them all done in an hour you would have completed over 100 quests in an hour by just following the questing route!

Longer Grinding routes through dungeons

This was actually where I found the best way to level fast and it’s also the main reason that I can heavily speed level in Cataclysm with a good alliance leveling guide.

The people that wrote these alliance leveling guides knew exactly where to pick up the quests, how to get them done and around level 20 – 30 the quests start getting really long. You have to know exactly where to head next in order to continue leveling fast.

Using a good alliance leveling guide I was able to streamline my questing path and cut the time for each quest by up to 60% without having to grind for long periods of time. I was able to get to level 85 in about 8 days without brutal grinding and it was just far easier.

Since I have levelled to 85 several characters in WoW I have also started leveling a few of my alts. It’s nice to know that even if you only play a couple of hours a day, you can level up a level 5 character in half the time it would take me to do 3! A great World of Warcraft leveling addon indeed.

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